Shapleigh 1872

District 1 - Highland School on Hanson's Ridge Road - privately owned and converted to a home

District 2 - Emery's Mills School on Route 109 near Ted's Fried Clams - discontinued and new school built in 1923 closer to Mousam Lake and appropriately called Mousam Lake School and currently home to the Acton~Shapleigh Historical Society

District 3 - Pound School on the Mann Road

District 4 - Ross School on the Back Road

District 5 - Shapleigh Corner School - discontinued when the Lindsey High School was built in 1877. Lindsey High School discontinued about 1942 - currently home the Shapleigh Town Hall since 1980

District 6 - Charles Winn School on County Road / Norton Ridge Road in the field

District 7 - Lincoln School on Ross Corner - built about 1909 by Irving Bradford and burned in the 1947 fire

District 8 - Granny Kent Pond School

District 9 - Methodist Church School on the Owls Nest Road

District 10 - Washington School on Main Street in North Shapleigh - privately owned and completely restored

The era of the one-room schoolhouses continues to dim as $35,000 building is opened at Shapleigh, was the heading of the February 14, 1950 Sanford Newspaper. The last two of the former 6 one-room schoolhouses was closed as the new consolidated school was opened. It took just over a year to transform a portion of the former Charles Staples Farm on a high hill overlooking the Mousam Lake region, into a dream come true for the townspeople.