Who Do You Think You Are?


Would you like to start researching your family history and building a family tree, but are not sure where to begin?  Starting your family tree all begins with questions: what is a family tree? Who is in my family tree? From there, it's research, research, and more research! This can often be the most time consuming, but most rewarding element of building your own family tree. It can be difficult to find all the records of ancestors you need, but that’s where we can help! 

 Our collection of local family trees, vital statistics, obituaries and cemetery records will help you put the leaves on your tree.  Get your children and grandchildren involved in family history research too!  Children are truly the future, so it's important to educate them about your own family history, so they can continue to carry on the tradition and family tree for generations to come. 

 Already completed your tree?  Bring us a copy and we will add it to our collection.  Who knows?  You might find a few more branches with colorful leaves to add to your unique tree.

 Online Resources

Our library includes, but not limited to, the following: