Thompson Farm in the Owl's Nest, Shapleigh

This farm was settled in the late seventeen hundreds (1700) by Frank Thompson, a school teacher, known as Master Thompson. Upon his death, his son Ezra Thompson inherited the farm. Ezra’s wife was Patience Gerry, daughter of Gen. Gerry of Alfred. The first home built on this wilderness cleared farm was a log cabin and the second home, the house now standing there was built in 1812.

Their daughter, Susan Jane, married Thurston Abbott. Wilson Abbott, son of Mr. & Mrs. Thurston Abbott, never married. Alfred married Agnes Stone of Alfred and there were two children of this marriage, Lawrence and Norma. Carrie Abbott married Steve Blanchard of Sanford and Abbie Abbott married Elmer Nason of Acton. Children of this latter marriage were George, Grace, Edna and Marcia.

Children of Susan Jane and Thurston Abbott were Wilson, Elmer, Carrie, Addie and Nathaniel.

Other children of Ezra and Patience Thompson were Ezra, Caleb and John. Ezra was a Civil War soldier and he died, a prisoner, at Andersonville. His body was not returned to his home, but a stone, set in the family cemetery on the farm, is his memorial.

Lucy Ann, second daughter of Ezra and Patience Thompson, married William Bradford, and English emigrant. Lucy Ann’s children were Loring, Irving, Lester, Charlotte and Nathaniel. Nathaniel was a lawyer and practiced from the law office of ? Nathaniel was president of Boston University. Charlotte married Fred Thompson of Waterboro. Loring married Luella Bragg of Shapleigh. Another son, Lester, for many years operated a hardware store in Springvale. Irving married Celia Kimball of Waterboro.

George Pray purchased this farm from John Thompson who had inherited it in 1911. Mr. Pray’s daughter, Mrs. Adelaide Barnes, purchased the farm from her father in 1936 and she makes her home here.

~ The above information was given to me by Mrs. Barnes in 1969.

My sincere thanks.

~Della M. Welch~