Irl Hurd Farm in Acton

This fine old home was built in 1848 by Mark C. Hurd. It has remained in the Hurd family for over a century. There are several things which make it unique. The builder and owner, Mark Hurd was a very enterprising young man. He operated a Post Office in the house, then decided he wanted to go into the baking business. He went to Bangor, ME and studied culinary arts and concentrated on "Muster Gingerbread" and the common cracker. He later sold his baked goods at town meetings and other public gatherings. The name "Muster Gingerbread" is believed to have come from the practice of peddling the fresh gingerbread to the musterings of the army and militia.

After learning his trade, he set about building the huge ovens that would be needed for his baking. He had brick hauled from Kennebunk, ME and combined it with native field stone to make a fire-proof exterior. There was a high, wide door which opened onthe road for the loading of the bakery carts.