Acton Fair

Organized in 1866, and founded by John Storer, Esquire, of Sanford, who donated $1000 to make one-half of a permanent fund, the interest of which was devoted to sustaining fairs alternately in Shapleigh and Acton. The fund, of which the second $1000 was contributed by a membership fund, was to revert to the support of schools if the fair ceased to be held. Each membership was sustained by the payment of six percent on a $10 share. The original membership was about 30 in number in each town but quickly increased.

The first "Worlds Fair" as it was called, was held at Acton Corner on October 20-22, 1868, alternating with Shapleigh the next year on October 19-21, 1869.

In 1890, B.C. and Freeman Jordan gave the land, provided the Fair cut all wood on land and haul it to the roadside and to give all Jordan families passes to all fairs held on this land. The half mile track was built for $620.and still remains at its present site. It was called Union Park.

At a meeting held on June 10, 1905 it was voted to build a grandstand (100 ft x 24ft). The following year on June 16th, it was voted to build a dining room (60 ft x 24 ft) and two years later a stage was built (20 ft x 30 ft).

The Exposition Building burned during the 1976 Fair. All exhibits were lost. The building was rebuilt the following year, but the grandstand roof collapsed. In 1978 a completely new grandstand was erected and a roof added the next year.

The Acton Fair is held annually during the last full weekend in August.