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Each year, as I sit down to write the annual review, I am always amazed at the progress we have made as well as the new opportunities we have ahead of us.  

This year we turned our attention to the outside and added quite a bit more  curb appeal.  The entire building was painted, a large bush at the rear entrance was removed, small stone walls at each corner of the building and a beautiful stone planter around the roadside sign were added.  Then, our secretary, Shirley, added the finishing touch by planting an array of multi-colored flowers that bloomed throughout the summer/fall.  

 Lastly, the society was open to the public every Monday evening, all summer long.  We were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors each week (some seeking genealogy help, some offering assistance/donations, and some just curious to see all the changes we have made over the years) that we will again be open every Monday evening with extended hours for 2013!   

We continue to seek out new ways of  “Preserving Our Heritage” and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Debbie Petersen, President