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2009 was a difficult year financially for many Mainers and York County was hit hard by the closing of several well established businesses.  Unfortunately, I was one of the many who lost their job  due to the economy.  But it was business as usual for the Society’s insurance company, who required us to update our wiring.  So, we sent out our “soliciting sisters” again and even in these hard times, our community came through for us by donating great prizes for our Calendar Raffle fundraiser.  We held weekly Kitty Whist games and our 2nd Craft Fair—we sold our calendar raffle at the Acton Fair and held a raffle at the Acton Apple Fest.  By September, we had raised enough money to pay for the necessary updating. 

In August, we hosted a reunion for nearly 40 former students of the Mousam Lake Schoolhouse. 

Then, just as summer was coming to an end, we received a request to author a book for the Images of America series.  Fortunately, I still had some free time on my hands, so off I went, scouring both towns for unpublished photographs.  The book, titled “Shapleigh and Acton” is scheduled to be released in mid-July.  (See inside for more information.) 

Once again, thank-you for your support. Debbie Petersen, President