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The Historical Society not only preserves artifacts, documents and other items of historical interest, we also make an effort to provide these items for viewing by the public.

Starting the year off, Debbie Peterson, our President for the last 8 years stepped down and Becky Turgeon was elected to take her place. Debbie volunteered to stay on as Treasurer. Many thanks to Debbie for all the many years as President and all you have done for the ASHS. We have been involved in several activities this year, including genealogy research, providing historic information in response to inquiries, being available to the public by opening on Monday nights and fundraising.  Our thanks to Becky Turgeon who led the way.

Steve Parello has led several volunteers in cleaning up Acton cemeteries, leading to the discovery and documentation of burial sites.  He also attended a Maine Old Cemetery Association workshop and brought back information to ASHS.  In addition, he was involved with placing flags on Veteran’s graves in Acton.  In May, he set up a display at ASHS from Armed Forces Day through Memorial Day.

The old shed at ASHS was replaced by students in Acton with a new shed.  Richard Neal and Shirley Sheesley painted the shed.  The new shed is a great storage space.

Richard also led the cleanup of the Acton Town Pound.

In addition, Richard Neal was involved with the petition to save Young’s Ridge School, a former one room school that was threatened with demolition.  The Town of Acton consented to the school remaining in place.

ASHS members were involved with the booths at Shapleigh Community Day and at Acton Fair, where we did most of our fundraising.  An artist donated a drawing of Lincoln School, and we sold printed note cards of this drawing.  We also sold history books, coffee mugs and Christmas ornaments.  Joy Clark conducted Kitty Whist and donated the proceeds from these Wednesday night games to ASHS.

Thatcher Freund gave a presentation at ASHS on how to write your own history. 

There are 34 paid members, and about 10 members who are very active.

Officers:                                                                         Directors:

Becky Turgeon, President                                          Joy Clark 

Steve Parello, Vice President                                    Norma Evans

Debbie Peterson, Treasurer                                      CJ Gardner

Shirley Sheesley, Secretary                                       Richard Neal